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The government will often charge Simple Assault or Aggravated Assault after a barroom brawl or a domestic incident. We will fight to ensure that your side of the story is heard as well.


Bail Hearings

Unfortunately, many people sit in jail awaiting trial because they cannot afford bail. We will argue to reduce your bail so that you may return to your family and your job.


Burglary, Robbery and Theft

Eyewitnesses frequently misidentify individuals who then get charged with these crimes. If you have been falsely accused, you should hire an attorney who can effectively argue this point to a judge or jury.


Drug Offenses

The law involving why, how and when police can stop and search a person suspected of drugs is constantly changing. We understand the nuances of the law and will always stand up for your rights.



Have you been arrested for DUI/DWI? We have successfully argued for dismissal and have negotiated favorable settlements in hundreds of these cases.



Is your criminal record holding you back with job applications? Call us today to clear it up.


Juvenile Charges

Many people mistakenly believe that a juvenile arrest is not a big deal. We can help minimize its impact on your child's future.


Sex Crimes

Sex offenses are subject to mandatory sentences and registration with the state police. It is important to hire an attorney with experience and compassion to handle these sensitive cases. We have successfully tried several of these cases to juries.


Traffic Offenses

Have you been charged with speeding or blowing a red light? We will argue for reduction of points and fines and ensure that your side of the story is heard.


Violation of Probation/Parole

If you or your loved one is on probation/parole, their liberty rights are restricted. Hire an attorney who has handled thousands of these hearings and knows how to argue for second chances rather than more jail.


Weapons Charges

Due to changes in sentencing guidelines and increased media attention, sentences for illegal firearms are extremely harsh. We have the experience to navigate this minefield and pursue the best outcome for you.


White Collar Crime

We handle forgery, fraud, identify theft and internet/computer crime. We are detail-oriented and not afraid of these high volume paperwork cases.

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